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1. The purpose of the Procedure is recruiting seafarers by InterLand that operates as fully manning agency assigning seafarers to jobs on board vessels in response to specific ship owners’ requirements.

2. The Manning Procedure is executed exclusively within the scope provided in its content.

3. The person in charge of the Manning Procedure is an employee appointed by InterLand.

4. InterLand Agency will handle the process of manning in compliance with this Procedure, as well as with its internal Manning Policy.

5. The Manning Procedure begins when a ship owner/operator cooperating with InterLand submits request for a crewmember.

6. InterLand Agency takes necessary steps to find a candidate who meets the ship owner’s requirements.

7. In order to find an appropriate candidate for the job, InterLand Agency uses its own database of the seafarers currently available or, if necessary, takes measures to find such candidate outside its database.

8. In order to become candidate for a seagoing job seafarer must send his CV along with an up-to-date photograph or fill out the application prepared by InterLand Agency.

9. The candidate applying for a seagoing job may either provide documents in a hard copy version to InterLand Agency’s office or send them by e-mail (as attachments to the email message).

10. After completing the list of candidates, InterLand Agency selects those that satisfy the ship owner’s requirements.

11. After preliminary selection process, InterLand Agency contacts the chosen candidates in order to establish the date of interview and verify whether the candidate holds the required:

- qualifications

- certificates

- documents

- in service experience record.

12. The interview and conclusion of the agreement between the seafarer and the interested parties take place at the InterLand Agency’s office.

13. Upon the ship owner’s request, InterLand Agency may select one candidate or present the ship owner with a list of candidates complying with its requirements.

14. It is the ship owner who decides which candidate is to be employed.

15. The successful candidate is advised on the recruitment and selection process and is invited to visit the office in order to become familiar with particular work conditions and sign the agreement.

16. In order to provide services of the highest quality, InterLand Agency shall also take steps to inform all the other candidates about the final results of the recruitment process.

17. After completing the recruitment process, InterLand Agency acts as a job intermediary and concludes the agreement with the selected candidate on the ship owner’s behalf.

18. The employed seafarer is informed about:

- Personal protective equipment provided by the ship owner

- Transport to the place of work and repatriation instructions

- The Agency intermediary role in monthly salary transfers.

19. InterLand Agency is responsible for the arrangement of the seafarer's travel to the port of embarkation and his repatriation.

20. InterLand Agency acts as an intermediary in transferring monthly salaries to employees according to the agreements concluded with the ship owner and the employed seafarers.

21. InterLand Agency maintains contacts with the employed seafarer’s close family while he serves on board a vessel and in urgency situations it ensures support within the scope of its competence.

22. Any details and documents relating to the seafarer’s employment are stored in the InterLand Agency’s databases.