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InterLand Agency operates to the highest quality standards achieving its strategic goals and aims by:

  • Operating as an intermediary in arranging employment for seafarers on board foreign flag vessels
  • Selecting seafarers that satisfy ship owner’s requirements
  • Our priority is to respect seafarers’ and ship owners’ rights in order to gain benefits for all participating parties
  • We aspire to ensure the best possible information circulation among seafarers and other parties in order to provide services of the highest quality
  • We ensure seafarers a variety of free of charge services: recruitment, agency activities, transport to and repatriation from their places of work
  • We advise seafarers on all terms and conditions regarding both the job they are offered and conclusion of agreements as well as on their rights and duties resulting from the employment.
  • In urgency situations we are in close contact with the seafarer's family and ensure effective and cost-free communication between the seafarer and his family.
  • We cooperate with renowned ship owners who observe seafarers’ rights, comply with standards accepted in the shipping industry and adhere to the agreements concluded with seafarers and manning agencies.
  • We strive after sustained improvement of our services through an ongoing evaluation of our achievements and careful examination of every complaint, reminder or suggestion.