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1. Purpose

The purpose of the Claim and Complaint Settlement Procedure is to ensure Seafarer satisfaction from services provided by InterLand Agency.

2. Company Claim and Complaint Policy

Each claim submitted by a Seafarer is positively settled within the provisions of the agreement concluded between the Seafarer and InterLand Agency. The claim may be rejected in the event of an obvious beguilement or clear absurdity.

3. Scope

The Procedure applies to Seafarers using InterLand services.

4. Terminology

The term CLAIM means: Notification of InterLand Agency by the Seafarer of the fact that the service does not comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement concluded between the Seafarer and InterLand Agency.

The term COMPLAINT means: Notification by Seafarer of the fact that he is not satisfied with the provided service because of its unsatisfactory quality.

5. Type of document

Seafarer’s Claim/Complaint Form”

6. Procedure

a) Seafarer may submit his claim/complaint in oral or written form

b) Receipt of each Seafarer’s claim/complaint submitted is confirmed

c) The claim/complaint may be received by each one employee of InterLand Agency

7. If the Seafarer submits a claim/complaint by telephone or does not submit in a Claim/Complaint Form version, the InterLand Agency’s employee fills in the Seafarer’s Claim/Complaint Form during telephone conversation.

8. In order to initiate the Claim/Complaint Procedure the Seafarer must sign the Seafarer’s Claim /Complaint Form. The InterLand employee who has filled in the Form sends it to the Seafarer in order for him/her to accept and sign it.

9. If the Seafarer submits his claim/complaint in writing (fax, e-mail, post), his Claim/Complaint Form is considered as valid. However, such document needs to be verified for its completeness of details necessary to continue the Claim/Complaint Procedure.

10. The document necessary to initiate the Claim/Complaint Procedure is the signed agreement concluded between the Seafarer and InterLand Agency.

11. If any necessary data are missing, an InterLand employee and the Seafarer complete the details.

12. The Seafarer Complaint Form should include detailed description of the occurred situation and the way of solving the problem.

13. An authorised InterLand employee establishes the way and fixes the deadline for settling the Claim/Complaint with the Seafarer. The following solutions are possible:

a) Renegotiation of terms and conditions of the agreement,

b) Undertaking necessary actions in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the agreement concluded with the Seafarer,

c) Other, depending on situation.

14. InterLand Agency, taking into account the Seafarer’s interest and satisfaction, replies to his letters within 3 working days.

15. The Claim/Complaint Procedure is handled within 10 working days.

16. The Seafarer must be informed about any amendments to the conditions agreed in the Claim/Complaint Form and accept it.

17. The settled Claim/Complaint must be described, signed and supplemented.

18. The Claim/Complaint Form is entered into the "InterLand Agency Claim Register" and stored in a file. The Claim/Complaint is stored in the Register for 5 years.

19. After the Seafarer has submitted the Claim/Complaint it is necessary to find the CAUSES for such Claim/Complaint and to describe measures taken in order to eliminate possibility of such Claim/Complaint occurrence again.